Jazzing up the Yoga Pants

Most days, you can find me over on Instagram posting my Outfit of the Day because it is fun and a good way to connect with others to see their fashion sense and get new ideas on what to wear. Today’s outfit for was more of a “I’m going to the grocery store and don’t give a crap” look. I had basic yoga pants and a three-quarter sleeve tee. However, I happened to spy my favorite floral infinity scarf on the way out the door and then decided to grab it and a hat. I turned simple slubby clothes to “Could stop and get coffee with my hubby” outfit all with just some accessories! Here is the look:
It’s simple. It’s still yoga pants and a tee, but it adds variety for days that you just don’t feel like dressing up but don’t want to just go out in yoga pants. What are ways you dress up your casual wear? I would love to hear about them!

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