This week, I am featuring the curvy vixen, Ki-Ki Vengeance! I love seeing her pictures, and you can see more of her on Facebook and Instagram! However, I also have a collection of favorites from her and some interesting facts about her!



Me: What is your favorite thing about pin up?

Ki-Ki: My favorite thing about pin up is the feeling I get from doing a shoot. It’s like a confidence high. My self-doubt goes away when I am in front of the camera.



Me: What is your favorite drink?

Ki-Ki: I love Dr. Pepper Cherry, and alcohol wise I’m a gin girl, Tom Collins all the way!



Me: What does pin up mean to you?

Ki-Ki: Pin up means fun, freedom, and no judgement. It  also means family as I have met some beyond wonderful people since I started, and I’m grateful for everyone.



Me: If you could meet a famous person, who would it be and why?

Ki-Ki: I don’t have a big list of famous people but the top of my list is Avenged Sevenfold (the band). Why? Aside from being just gorgeous, lol, they saved me when I was at my lowest. When no one could talk me out of my depression, their music touched me and kept me going. I owe them more than I could ever express.

If given the chance though, I love Vivien Leigh.  She is my idol…so if it was possible for a deceased person, then that would be my go to! LOL! I know that’s —did I mention I don’t always follow the rules!


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Ki-Ki Vengeance! Be sure to check out her social media channels and follow for more pictures! All images were taken by Victor Devilbliss, and MUAH was by Making Faces Professional Makeup!


Isn’t she a card? 😉
Posted by:Prissy Missy

I am a 30 something gal with a passion for fashion and Star Wars (and also Doctor Who)! I enjoy being a plus size pin up and love sharing body positive love with everyone I meet! If you would like to contact me regarding my blog please email me at

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