Floral Dresses that Say “Welcome Summer” for under $25

This article may include affiliate links because a girl’s gotta pay the bills somehow

I love dresses to the point that I am have a hard time wanting to put pants on most days. Simple dresses go on easy and make you look a little glam without having to worry about your jeans fitting your butt the right way. To me, nothing says summer like a floral dress, especially if the material flows right and lets all of you breathe properly in the sweltering summer heat. Here are a few of my favorites that are great if you are wanting to be fashionable on a budget!

Plus Size Belted Floral Dress by Forever 21. $24.90

I love dresses that are flowy and breathable. This would be great for date night or an afternoon with friends!

Plus Size Floral Skater Dress from Forever 21. $14.90.

I have a thing for skater dresses. They look good on everyone! I have some skater dresses from Forever 21. They wear well, and they are stretchy. They are cute for anything you are doing!

Okay, this last one I am sharing is a cami dress. Now, here is what I have to say to those of you who might object to this one because it is a strappy dress. If you are self-conscious, you can always wear a light bolero. However…if you look at the cut, it is a great cut to emphasize your curves, bosom, booty, you know… the goods, girl! I wear a lot of strapless dresses. I have bigger arms. I have been working out a lot and am starting to notice a bit more tone to them, but I get self-conscious too. However, I love this dress and hope to wear the hell out of it this summer, haters be damned!

Plus Size Floral Cami Dress by Forever 21. $22.90

These are my favorites. For more fashion ideas, follow me on Instagram where I share Outfit of the Day Inspiration and beauty tips throughout the week!


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