Flawless Party Ready Heat-Resistant Look

When it is hot outside, it is hard to look like anything other than a puddle of sweat. Yeah, yeah, I know we are supposed to “glisten,” but let’s call it like it is ladies!

Party Ready…heat resistant

The other week I hosted a party at my house, and because I really want to show off the backyard, I decided to do this shindig outdoors! By the time that I finished prepping, I not only lacked time to do anything spectacular, but with the heat, I felt that anything I did would end up looking melty 10 minutes after the guests would arrive. To give myself a quick glam look, I got my trusty hair donut and pulled my hair into a high ponytail to let my hair donut work its magic!
hair donut
For your hair…not the yummy goodness kind

I left a little hair out to tease in the front. Easy Peasy. For my makeup, I started with It Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Redness line. It gets rid of redness and doesn’t melt off. I followed it with their CC powder, and a bit of blush. I played up my eyes with Maybelline’s Color Tattoo eye crayons in Lilac Lust and Charcoal Chrome. It paired well with my Rimmel Scandeleyes Kohl eyeliner. That stuff is ahh-maz-ing btw! It lasts, it blends. It shimmers too!
For my lips, I finished it off by blending my Charcoal Chrome eye crayon with a purple lipstick. It is a fun color and went well with my dress. The whole process of hair and makeup took less than 10 minutes! The only reason it took 10 was because I was trying to find my all-weather hairspray to make everything stay on my head. While I “glistened” my buns off, my hair and makeup were on fleek, and so I looked awesome despite the heat!
I hope that this helped you find some inspiration for easy hot weather looks. Do you have any additional inspo? If so, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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