Cute, Floral, and a little Boho


I don’t know how the boho look crept into my closet. The mister swears I used to hate it. However, it has been showing up in the house decor and in the clothes I wear from time to time. This was a look from last week, and is my favorite!
My whole outfit is almost all Rue 21, from their Plus size section. My local Rue 21 just got a recent makeover, and now the plus-size section is ginormous! I love it! Since there have been a lot of summer sales lately, I scored the skirt on clearance, which was nice. I actually got two for under $10! My vest is from Torrid. I love wearing thin vests like this for a bit of a flowy look.
My shoes, however, I bought online, and I gotta tell you all about them! Have you ever heard of Lindsay Phillips? If not, have a seat! I discovered her shoes about four years ago, and it has been love ever since. Lindsay Phillips carries a line called Switch Flops. Basically, you can change out the swatches on them for different looks. I have a low heal and flip flops. I have a nice collection of swatches I can use on both. I can coordinate my shoes with my outfits without having to buy a pair of shoes for every outfit. It is great for vacation since you can easily pack the swatches in your bag!

My first and favorite pair!

The price range on these varies, but they are pretty true to size which makes it easy for me to order online. My flip flops currently have a peace sign swatch, but I also love the Pirate Swatch, otherwise known as the Eleanor Strap.
If you are on a budget, this look is pretty easy on the budget. While you may not be able to find this same look, printed maxi skirts are everywhere right now, and the light ones like these are most likely to be on sale right now. This look flatters most ladies because of the flow of the top and vest. If you are short, you may have to pull up your skirt a bit. I am short, but I love maxi skirts, so it is no big thing for me. Yes, it shows your arms, but seriously, if it is hot outside, I really don’t give a crap what someone thinks of my arms. I know that if you have an issue with a part of your body, it is hard to think outside of that box, but I can tell you that it is better to be comfortable than to cover them up. Not only that, you can detract from your arms by choice of top and accessories.
If you haven’t tried the Switch Flops, seriously check them out and let me know what you think! What is your favorite look for this week? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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