I love this outfit! I bought this graphic shift dress by Charlotte Russe a while back and love to pair it with leggings since it is still chilly here. I am pairing it today with a pair of Du North Leggings, Torrid boots I thrifted, and a faux leather jacket from Lane Bryant that I got for five bucks! How did I score that? Well, I love to work the clearance! Also, if you have their card and earn rewards. You can use their rewards checks on ANYTHING! I used mine on the jacket and ended up paying only five bucks!

What do you think? I definitely am in love with the look, and I cannot wait to pair the shift dress with some of my sandals and others shoes this spring!



Posted by:Prissy Missy

I am a 30 something gal with a passion for fashion and Star Wars (and also Doctor Who)! I enjoy being a plus size pin up and love sharing body positive love with everyone I meet! If you would like to contact me regarding my blog please email me at prissymissypinup@gmail.com

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