As much as I was very much into Star Wars, He-Man, Thundercats, and other awesome action figures, I also had a big obsession with Barbie. Granted, my Barbies were also some kick-ass warriors for most of my stories, but they did it with style! Needless to say, it is another reason for me to keep checking out my local Torrid…or should I say Torrids because we just got another one here. Seriously, it about made me cry tears of joy because where I live there are two Torrids, two Lane Bryants, and two Rue 21s (in which the one is the largest store they own and about as much space is devoted there to their plus size as all the other sizes). We also have  Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, but I am not loving F21 so much right now because they basically halved the plus size, and when I go there, it is like they just get in a few pieces, and most of them are just not happening. I also am lucky enough to have some cool plus size consignment stores here too. Honestly, it is a wonder I am not completely broke. It takes a lot of will power…a LOT of will power, but I digress.

So, Torrid has Barbie. Currently I am really trying to tell myself that I do not need this Barbie swimsuit, but really I think I do. It is seriously cute!

Barbie Striped One Piece Swimsuit by Torrid

So far, I have all the sweaters, as well as some dresses and tees. I am kinda sad that I will not be wearing this sweater much anymore as it is supposed to be like 75 this weekend!

Barbie Sweater by Torrid. Combat Boots and Pink Skirt thrifted

I love clothes like this because not only are they a throwback to childhood, but they are just fun pieces. I know some people might find it cheesy, but for me, it is fun to wear.

Posted by:Prissy Missy

I am a 30 something gal with a passion for fashion and Star Wars (and also Doctor Who)! I enjoy being a plus size pin up and love sharing body positive love with everyone I meet! If you would like to contact me regarding my blog please email me at

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