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7 Tips for Putting Clutter to Rest and How to De-Clutter Your Home

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When we moved to Ohio a few years ago, we bought a fixer upper that was about half the size of our old house. One of the main projects of this house at the beginning, and even now, has been removing the clutter from our lives. Learning from this experience, I wanted to share how to de-clutter your home.

How Did We Accumulate So Much Clutter?

The reasons for clearing clutter are many, but the big reasons are that:

a.) We do not have the space and

b.) I don’t want to be hung up on material things.

When we had our large house, we had so much space! We had this old house with three floors of living space and a mostly finished basement. Slowly, we filled it with furniture, books, and clothes, among other things. One of the hardest tasks we had in moving was deciding what to do with it all!

Do you need to de-clutter and don't know how to de-clutter your home? Here are the 7 best tips to putting clutter to rest and getting a more organized home.

Where to Start…

My closet was one of the hardest places to de-clutter. I had a walk in closet in my old house. I bought articles of clothing and just kept them…forever…in my closet! My husband had shirts from high school that he just kept in the dressers because he could. We had room! I have finally finished de-cluttering my bedroom.

To do this, I basically emptied my closet and drawers. I put it all in the office and brought it back into my room in stages. Downsizing my wardrobe was next on the list. From there,  I made a pile for keep, toss, and sell/donate. My clothes fit into my closet and dressers now. I took a lot of it to consignment stores so I could make extra cash, which went towards Christmas presents and extra things for the family. I thought I would be sad to see a lot of it go, but now I am excited about having a clean room that I can go to rest.

how to de-clutter your home
When De-Cluttering and organizing, don’t be afraid to get creative in storage!

How To De-Clutter Your Home in regards to books

Another way we de-cluttered was by embracing digital technology. I love reading and had a small library in my old house. However, that was not an option for here. I started using services like Kindle Unlimited a lot more so I could read books and “return them” to get more. This just made sense to go this route to save on space for storing books.

The Truth of the Clutter

I did not realize fully how much stuff we had until we moved. Even if we would have bought a bigger home, I don’t think we actually needed that much stuff.

Going forward, I want to try to be a little less materialistic. Not only that, I want to stick to a budget. If we stick to a budget,  then we can use that money to pay off bills and go on more vacations! Less clutter also makes the house look cleaner. It is kinda nice to have more open space.

My 7 Best Tips on How to De-Clutter Your Home

  • Ask yourself what is the purpose of the item. No purpose? Then get rid of it
  • Is it broken?  Can it be fixed? If fixed, is it useful? If not, get rid of it.
  • Is it a duplicate? If so, get rid of it.
  • Could the money you spend on it be better spent elsewhere? If so, do not buy it.
  • If you are cleaning rooms and find things to get rid of, make sure that you separate into piles of give or consign. Consigning is fun, you get money back, and you can use it for other things.
  • If you aren’t consigning, do you know someone who needs it. Ask.
  • When you consolidate and get rid of things that no longer have use, you actually will have a sense of accomplishment.

I hope that my experience and tips have been helpful. If so, don’t forget to share and follow me on Instagram for life tips, fashion, and adventures!

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    I clean & removed some cobwebs today…our local thrifts stores are closed due to the Corona -19 virus so there is no where to drop off the items from de-cluttering…sometimes I wonder how much can fit in a 1,000 square foot home…

  42. Rosie
    April 26, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    This is a good list. I finally started decluttering a year ago, and found that once you start, it gets easier. I still shake my head and wonder how I didn’t give it much thought all the “accumulating” years! I still have more to go for sure, one thing I notice that helps is organizing and getting attractive storage for closets, pantry, etc. And while organizing, it is easier to donate, toss, sell. I’m a sewer and crafter, and if you do either or both, you’ll know that is trouble, you collect and collect, esp fabric!

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