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Being that I am a bit pin up obsessed and also now own a pin up boutique, I love trying all things vintage inspired, and am loving experimenting with vintage recreation brands, like Besame Cosmetics. If you haven’t heard of them, then today I am going to give you a quick overview.

If you are into the pin up scene, then you have heard of Besame Cosmetics. The makeup is very vintage inspired, and very well-made. Currently, I am living for the Carmine Lipstick by Besame. It goes great with all my pin up and rockabilly looks, like this one from last weekend!

Besame Cosmetics carries vintage inspired lip colors, mascara, rouge, powders, and more. The makeup is meant to last, as I applied my lipstick for an event, and it lasted all night without re-applying.  Besame is meticulous on reproducing the same kinds of colors found in vintage makeup and even goes to estate sales to purchase vintage makeup to analyze for that purpose! How cool is that? I find that incredible, and I love the dedication to accuracy. Also, they don’t test on animals!

You can purchase Besame Cosmetics on the Besame website. They are also available at select boutiques and a few other online locations.