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Ageless Style Series: How to Wear Tie Dye at Any Age!

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A fun trend is making a serious comeback? Do you know which one I am talking about? I am talking about tie-dye of course! In this installment of the Ageless Style Series, we are discussing how to wear tie dye at any age!

20’s Blogger: Taylor of Cin City Chic

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Bio: Hello! My name is Taylor and I am the Content Creator for the lifestyle blog CinCityChic. CinCityChic encompasses fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. I am passionate about cultivating creative inspiration to help others boost their confidence. Cincinnati is home and I incorporate upcoming events, local stores, and my personal recommendations within my blog about the amazing 513. As an explorative and fun-loving millennial I am still finding my own path in this world. CinCityChic is my escape and journey that I enjoy sharing with others!  

Want to hop on the tie-dye trend? Learn how to wear tie dye at any age in this latest installment of the Ageless Style Series!

Styling Notes:

Is this look to TIE DYE for? There’s been lots of trends circulating due to COVID. I think my favorite has been DIY Tie Dye. It makes for a great summer time activity by yourself or with others. Here I repurposed a pair of joggers with tie dye. I did the reverse tie dye method by just using bleach and water. I did a full tutorial on my Youtube channel! Click here to see my method! 


30’s Blogger: Stacy of Styled by Stacy

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Bio: Hi Friends! My name is Anastasia (Stacy) and I’m the fashion guru behind Styled by Stacy.  I’m a lover of everything about the fashion industry from it’s unique designs and art to its ever changing atmosphere. I started my blog because I wanted to share my love of fashion, creativity, and my style with people everywhere. Styled by Stacy offers trend styling, my fashion favorites, and a love for my city, The CLE!

Want to hop on the tie-dye trend? Learn how to wear tie dye at any age in this latest installment of the Ageless Style Series!

Styling Notes:

Summer has a new print that is so good you can even make it yourself! I’m talking tie dye! We have seen the tie dye trend come and go in fashion throughout the years, but it has made a big comeback this summer. You can find this psychedelic print everywhere. It comes in so many different designs and colors. You can’t help but find the perfect one for you.

If you find yourself not loving what you’re seeing, you can always grab your favorite white tee and a tie dye kit and make a creation of your own. That’s what I did for this quarters Ageless Style post. This quarter I got to choose the theme. Instead of buying a tie dye piece I wanted to share the creation I made with JR, my son. The activity was such a fun summertime activity, and it was great to be creative with my little guy. I hope you enjoy my creation and get inspired to express your creativity when it comes to this cool summer trend!

Style Tip:

I knew I wanted a purple and teal tie dye. So I played around with styling it with both dark denim and white denim. This is great for a great night time look: dark denim with a fun heel would be perfect. However, I opted for an easy daytime look and paired my TD with white denim and a cool denim jacket. Perfect for a brunch date with the girls!


40’s Blogger: Lesa of Prissy Missy Loves

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Bio: For those new to my blog, I’m Lesa, better known as Prissy Missy. I am the creative force behind Prissy Missy Loves. I cover plus size style, often with a bit of pin up flair, and I promote authenticity and body positivity. My goal is femme empowerment, body love, and and encouragement to embrace new trends.

Want to hop on the tie-dye trend? Learn how to wear tie dye at any age in this latest installment of the Ageless Style Series!

Styling Notes:

I was so excited that the theme this time around was tie dye! This cute jumpsuit from Voluptuous Lady Boutique I found this spring. I love that it is stretchy enough to use for maternity too! The bright colors and the lightweight material make for the perfect summer outfit!

I know the idea of wearing a complete tie dye outfit may be a bit much for some of you. However, if you want to try wearing something like a jumpsuit or a dress, the key to pulling it off is to accessorize! The right accents make the outfit, so be sure to add some flair

Styling Tips:

Tie Dye is making a huge comeback. If you want to test this trend but don’t want to go overboard, try something small first. Retailers, like Torrid, make everything from undergarments to swimsuits to dresses and more! Also, being bold occasionally and springing for a cute outfit, like the one I am wearing, can actually be quite liberating!


50’s Blogger: Betsy of Natty Gal

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Bio:  Hello, friend!  I’m Betsy, the Cleveland blogger behind Natty Gal, wife to Gavin and fur-mom to Dolce.  My passion is to encourage women like you to dismiss the clutter in your life and to focus on what matters most.  Natty Gal shares inspiration for cultivating a simple, stylish and satisfying life via lifestyle, fashion and travel topics. Come join the journey and create your best life with me!

Want to hop on the tie-dye trend? Learn how to wear tie dye at any age in this latest installment of the Ageless Style Series!

Styling Notes:

Anyone else wear sweaters in summer or is that just me?  Living in Northeast Ohio, temperatures can vary greatly from the inland suburbs to locales right on the lake.  I almost always take a light sweater along with me in the evening in case the breeze gets a bit too cool while we’re out. 

When I saw this water-color toned sweater at Anthropologie, I knew it had to be mine!  The colors remind me of beach glass. I love how the tie-dye is broken up with marled knit on the sleeves and back.  It looks fantastic with white jeans (shown here) as well as with lighter washes of denim.  A neutral pair of sandals, a summery wicker and leather cross-body, and chic, cat-eye sunnies provided my “finishing touches”! 

Styling Tip:

For a sophisticated spin on the tie-dye trend, look for single-color or ombre-effect tie-dye combos as opposed to the more traditional multi-color varieties!


60’s Blogger: Phyllis of Follow Phyllis

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Bio: Hi Ladies! I’m Phyllis, the woman behind, a website dedicated to empowering women over 60 to be their best selves. I blog primarily about fitness, nutrition, and motivation but I also love to bring my passion for fashion and beauty to my followers as well. Most women in my age group feel forgotten and I like to remind them of their vibrancy and vitality.

Want to hop on the tie-dye trend? Learn how to wear tie dye at any age in this latest installment of the Ageless Style Series!

Styling Notes:

I love the bright multi-colored tie dye from days past. The exciting swirls of color bring back the best memories! But in selecting a new tie dye piece of clothing I decided to try the current toned down version of this classic so popular right now. This slub knit tie dye shrug from Belle by Kim Gravel purchased from is perfect! I love the subtle design and different tones of blue. And I like that I can wear the shrug either open or tied in a knot.

I decided to pair it with white capri jeans also from Kim Gravel. Originally, I bought these jeans in chambray and loved them so much I decided to buy them in white. I am so happy I did because I love them! And I decided to add a crazy colored tie dye mask to complete my look.

Styling Tip:

Tie dye clothing are like works of art. It’s important to showcase them by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral. I decided to wear only white with my shrug. For this look, I chose white jeans, an old white tee shirt, white stiletto sandals, and white and silver jewelry. I love the way this styling makes my shrug the focus of my look.


Final Thoughts

Tie Dye is such a fun trend for any age! While I love shopping small boutiques, you can also find lots of tie dye fun at some of my favorite major brands, like Torrid and Rainbow!

I hope you enjoyed our styles and tips. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow for more fashion fun and check me out on social media for fashion tips, body positivity, and random stories and fun!






  1. Christina Gould
    July 11, 2020 at 2:39 am

    I love the beautiful colors in the dress at the top of the page. Very nice for summer. Thanks for posting!

  2. Debbie Plesha
    July 12, 2020 at 2:37 am

    I love tie dye! That for the great article.

  3. Sandy Pincombe
    July 12, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    I love tie dye and even though I am 75 I will continue to wear it. After all it is my generation that started the tie dye craze ☮️

  4. Beyond Comps
    July 14, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    I haven’;t worm tye dye since school!

  5. Gabrielle
    July 17, 2020 at 6:22 pm

    I love all the looks here! I really need to add some tie dye pieces to my wardrobe!

  6. Julie Waldron
    August 4, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    I don’t know when the last time I wore tye dye was! Those are some cute examples!

    • Prissy Missy Doll
      August 4, 2020 at 8:12 pm

      I am loving that it is coming back. So fun!!!

  7. Sue E
    September 18, 2020 at 2:44 am

    I was from the generation of bell bottoms and the dyed clothes. I still wear some of the same type of clothes! There isn’t an age limit on wearing these clothes. All these ladies look HOT wearing these outfits! To each her own on what to wear 😍

  8. Sue E
    September 18, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    I grew up the dying my own clothes. That was the In thing to do back then. The shirts came out quite psychedelic! The other piece of clothing I used to wear with my shirts, were the wide bell bottoms. Those were the days!! All of the ladies look lovely – just like all of us!
    I shared on my social media. Thank you for sharing!

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