How to Do Date Night at Playhouse Square

datenight at playhouse square pin

Not too long ago, the Mister and I got to check out Playhouse Square up in Cleveland to see the production of “The Humans.” If you haven’t done the theater as a date, it should go on your list, and I am going to tell you why and how to do it.

Prissy and the Mister at Playhouse Square
Obligatory selfie of me and the Mister

So… here’s a little bit on how we ended up doing this in the first place. I got tickets for my birthday to go see “The Humans” from two of my close friends. It was a matinee, which was great because then you can have dinner and extend the date. Our tickets came with a parking garage pass, which is a must when you go because the garages can fill up fast, especially if there are other area events that day. This guarantees you a parking space.
Going to the theater is a chance to get fancy for the sake of getting fancy. When the Mister and I were first dating, he used to put on a suit and do this whole James Bond thing. It sounds soooo cliche, but I LOVED IT! Three kids and several years later, he doesn’t do that so much. I miss it, and I really like to find excuses to both of us dressing up. (Just a note to those of you needing some ideas for intimacy, this definitely can be a turn on and cross over into the bedroom. Just saying.)

humans stage set at playhouse square
“The Humans” set

Playhouse Square is fairly easy to navigate, and we found where we needed to go in no time. You don’t have to live in New York City to see a Broadway production. You can find many productions that were on Broadway in bigger cities. Check your closest theater’s website to find shows you want to see.
I absolutely loved the architecture of the theater. It added a glamorous and romantic feel to the day. The show was amazing and very relate-able as a millennial.  The Mister summed it up as depressing and humorous at the same time!

beautiful ceiling at a theater in playhouse square
Gorgeous Ceiling in one of the theaters in Playhouse Square

After the show, we decided to get something to eat while waiting for the parking garage to empty out. It was practical, and there are many places within walking distance. We found this cute little place called PHuel Cafe. Recently, I found out that I have some food allergies, and it has made dining out difficult. This place was like heaven for me! The food is tasty, not too pricey, and allergy friendly. It was easy to find gluten-free and dairy free options. I even got to have dessert! We definitely will be coming back there over the summer!

date night at Playhouse Theater
Feeling Fabulous at Playhouse Square

This is one of those dates that I will not only remember for a long time to come, but it is also something we want to do again. If you are on a budget and looking to do this, sometimes theaters have cheaper prices for seats that are farther back or special deals on matinees and shows they want to fill. Also, Groupon sometimes features different discounts on shows. Make sure you check out what restaurants are available in the area. This is becoming increasingly important for us as we navigate food allergies. Do you know how frustrating it is to start running down the list of options and having to cross off each one? It is time consuming too. So, check your area, be prepared.
Also just go have fun, relax, live it up, enjoy yourself. This can be a really fun time for you and someone you love or want to get to know better. Also…seriously play up on turn ons! It really takes your date nights to a totally different level!
If you are in the Cleveland area, check out Playhouse Square and Phuel Cafe. I hope you enjoyed my date night for this week, and if you did, be sure to share it and pin it for future use!

*Outfit details: Dress by Lindy Bop and purchased at Retro Rosie

Pin up and Mustangs

One of the advantages to doing pin up is the opportunity to shoot with some really beautiful old cars and hot rods! A while back, I got the opportunity to do that with Ivory Rose Photography. Some of the photos ended up in Tantalize Magazine too! Today, I am going to tell you all about what it is like to work outdoors and some of the other issues you may come across while working in a public space.
Prissy Missy Pin Up with Mustang

One of the difficult things about working outside that day was that it was a bit muddy, and the sun was not super cooperative. This particular shoot took place in the fall, and as the time progressed, the angles became more difficult! However, we got plenty of great shots, and working with Ivory Rose is always a pleasure!
While doing this is a lot of fun, the weather can sometimes play a factor on how great something is going to turn out. The sun was a bit of a problem, but Ivory Rose combated it with ease. I did one car shoot sometime back where the camera overheated. It was wretchedly hot that day, and it was probably for the best. We had fun though.
If you are shooting in a public space, be forewarned that you will have people staring. During the shoot where the camera overheated, I actually had a group of kids that followed me around that day like an entourage, completely starstruck. I cannot tell you how much that did for my ego! I loved it. However, not everyone is as nice. After this particular photo shoot, we had a guy who approached us and got a little handsy with one of the models. He was touching her leg while saying he was admiring her tattoo. That is just not cool. If you are in that kind of situation, make sure you are firm with creepers and also try to make yourself known to others for help. For the most part, people are usually great, but in all things, just know your surroundings and be careful.
Modeling with cars is one of my favorite things about pin up modeling. Make sure if you do a shoot at a car show that you try to get permission first before posing and shooting. Also, do not touch someone’s vehicle without permission. That is just a huge no no.
I hope you found these tips helpful, and if so, make sure you share this post and my other posts with your friends! Don’t forget to follow me here and on my social media channels for more fun, tips, stories, and giveaways!
All photos by Ivory Rose Photography. May not be used without permission. Hair and Makeup by Prissy Missy. Dress by Torrid.

Date Night at Tilt Studio

If you have been together as long as the Mister and I have, sometimes the relationship gets stale. It does not mean that it is a bad relationship, but it does mean that you need to sit down and figure out how to put some more zest into it! For me and the Mister, it means the importance of going on dates. Recently, he and I decided to have a fun night out at Tilt Studio in the Eastwood Mall.
date night at tilt studio eastwood
Tilt Studio features arcade games, mini-bowling, mini-golf, laser tag, and more! They even have a Tilt O Whirl in the center of it!
games at tilt studios
The place is perfect for couples that like a little competition! We had a blast playing games and even had some fun racing cars!
racing cars at tilt studio
Date night should be more than just going to dinner and a movie. This date is creative, and it is good for seasoned couples and also couples that are first starting to date. If you are newly dating, it allows you to show off your fun side, and if conversation is awkward, there is so much else to do. For seasoned couples like us, it is great because we don’t feel ourselves slipping into the pattern of talking about the kids or work. We can focus on us and having fun.
If you don’t live near Tilt Studio, there are also places like Dave and Buster’s that have an adult arcade, which is fun! Just remember to enjoy yourselves!

All photos taken by CW Photography. Jean Jacket thrifted. Tee is from Hot Topic. Jeans are by Torrid.

A Throwback to my First Shoot

This is the shoot that started it all for me. It is the shoot that gave me life again! When I look back on this, I see this as a major turning point in my life.

My first shoot was with Relentless Photography, and my makeup artist was Nicole from Making Faces Professional Make Up. That day changed my life, and through meeting Nicole, I met Victor Devilbliss. I did not want to go that day and am so glad I did. I love myself more…more than that, I love myself as I am. So here is one of my favorite shots!