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What I have learned this Year in Loving My Body

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While this past year has brought me low health wise, I have gotten the opportunity to meet some amazing people, which has led to some amazing photo magic. Last month, the amazingly talented Luscious D put together an empowering photoshoot entitled: I am More than Enough. The concept included a mannequin for each model to decorate with their own themes. The experience turned out to be a highly emotional one for all of us who participated.


I chose the word “strong.” If you want to know why, please see my previous entry about it. For years, I struggled with my body image. Even after starting this blog, I had days where I struggled. Over the last year, I have been taking my struggle points, and meeting them head on! This has evolved into me showing my stretch marks, showing off my legs more, and wearing things while being photographed that I previously hadn’t been comfortable to do. The feedback has been phenomenal! Also, I have some really amazing fans, just a shout out to all you awesome peeps! I have heard from other women how this made them re-think their body issues. It makes my heart full!

Loving My Body, stretch marks and all

That day, however, I did not have the intention on showing as much skin as I did in some of the photos. However, I felt that with the theme and my own personal battles, it seemed appropriate for the shoot. I think of what I do more as an art form. It is a way to express myself, and sometimes that means going with the vibe of the moment. The results were incredible. I felt empowered and beautiful.

I think the takeaway from this past year has been making total peace with my body, regardless of size. Some of the issues I have faced health wise have been scary, but this body just keeps going. When I see my stretch marks now, I don’t see them as ugly spots but more as another way my body changes and does magical things. This year, I have also lost some weight, which has also made me think more. When I look at pictures of myself from before the weight loss, I see beauty. When I look at how my body is changing now, I see beauty. No matter where I end up, I see my body as this beautiful machine that is taking everything being thrown at it and fighting back! I am proud of my body and love it because of all that it has been through.

I am Strong

Participating in this shoot really made me think about all of that and reinforced those issues. If you are struggling with these issues, I encourage you to start taking long looks in the mirror and pointing out the things you do like about yourself. Try wearing things that are outside your comfort zone…whether it is a swimsuit, a new style of jeans, a crop top…you get the picture. Think of the magical being your body really is. If you gain weight, your body is magical. If you lose weight, your body is magical. Your body is amazing, and so are you! I also recommend taking classes that might put you outside your comfort zone because you might meet others like you. It could be yoga, belly dance, or even a burlesque class.

Most of all though, don’t listen to haters. There are so many of them out there, hiding behind their computer screens, making awful comments or concern trolling. Ignore them. Doing that really helped me in moving forward and really starting to heal from years of body issues.

How do you feel about your body right now? How are you going to continue to work on loving your body more? As always, I would love to hear from you in the comments below, and for daily inspiration and fashion fun, be sure to follow @prissymissydoll on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


All Photos by FallenLeaves Photography




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