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What I have learned this Year in Loving My Body

While this past year has brought me low health wise, I have gotten the opportunity to meet some amazing people, which has led to some amazing photo magic. Last month, the amazingly talented Luscious D put together an empowering photoshoot entitled: I am More than Enough. The concept included a mannequin for each model to …

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Three daring pieces to wear that should not be daring at all

It is that time of year where the weather is warm, but still unpredictable. I haven’t put my sweaters away just yet, but I am digging out all my pretty sundresses and favorite skirts and tops for summer. Last year, I discovered my love for bodysuits and crop tops. Of course, many people say that plus size people should wear neither. I say, “Screw them. I’m gonna wear what I want.”

All photos by Bellbird Photography. Styling done by Styles by Lucilla

Crop tops have been making a comeback for a while, and many of my favorite places to shop featured them over the fall and winter. They are more versatile than you might first think. You can wear them on their own with a cute pair of jeans. You can put a tunic tank underneath and wear with your favorite leggings or skinny jeans. You can also pair them with cute skirts as well. I love the idea of wearing them with a tutu style skirt personally and cannot wait to try that look later in the summer.
I mentioned bodysuits earlier. I have a small collection of Lindy Bop ones in my closet itching to be worn. I love pairing them with circle skirts for a cute pin up look. I remember when I got my first circle skirt a few years ago and was so frustrated that all the shirts I tried to pair them with looked kinda frumpy. I remember thinking how much nicer it would look if I could just wear a bodysuit instead. It seems the fashion gods must have heard me because I finally started finding some cute ones last summer. They look great with a circle skirt, but they can be cute with a great pair of jeans too!
While I am excited to bring out my crop tops, dresses, skirts, and bodysuits, I am also excited to pair them all with cute hats! I love hats. I seem to pick them up wherever I go. The last time I went to Philly, I picked up a Pikachu hat. When I went to Atlantic City, I found a cute Western hat that I decided I needed to wear at the beach. I love big floppy hats, and I have a hard time resisting the urge to buy one. I have a whole photo shoot with me and a Victorian Style hat that I found while shopping in Jim Thorpe once.  My favorite hats for summer though are big hats. I love wearing big hats and dresses and then walk around like I own the place. I think it is that part of me that is a little bit extra, but I feel like a queen in a big hat. Also, since I am pretty fair-skinned, I like to protect my head, shoulders, and face with them. I have been sunburned once this year already, and it is not even June.
While crop tops, bodysuits, and hats may not sound that daring, so many women shy away from them because of what society says. You wear a fancy hat, and people look at you like you are weird. You wear a bodysuit, and people say, “How Dare you be confident in your skin.” You wear a crop top, and people freak the heck out over exposed skin of a plus sized girl. I get it. It might make you want to shy away from these things. However, I spent so many years trying to fit in and dress the way “I was supposed to” and wear the stuff a fat girl should wear, and you know what? It was not fun. Fashion is fun! Fashion is expression! If you want to try a new trend, you should. I have found that wearing what I want…whether it is so-called “flattering” or not makes me feel good about myself. While I hate the saying YOLO, it is true. You only get one shot at this life. So wear what you want and be what you want. Try a new trend this summer. Rock a new look!
What is your favorite piece to wear for the summer, and how are you getting your summer wardrobe ready? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

body confidence plus size fashion

Ditch the dark color rule

When you are plus-size, you may hear how you should wear dark colors. “They are slimming,” people say. Well…I say, “Screw that!”
Put some light and fun color into your life!
It is that time of year, where we are just on the cusp of summer, meaning that I start out in a cardi, and I want a tank top by the end of the day. I found these cute boot cut jeans at Torrid on clearance a while back. I always wear darker colors for jeans, but at $15, I could not pass these up! I am glad I did not because these jeans are seriously cute, and I like how they look on me.
Speaking of things I do not usually try, I found the BMO cardigan on clearance at Hot Topic. I almost did not get it, but it is super cute, and I love having something lightweight like this for the beginning of summer. Also, who doesn’t like Adventure Time?
The babydoll tank came from Rue 21. You may have heard they are restructuring. I am so glad that none of my local stores are closing. They have seriously cute clothes! Also, the quality has vastly improved since my teenage years. They have a great selection of plus-size clothing now, up to a size 24 and could seriously be a contender in the plus size market. Also, they have Rue bucks going on now, and well you can use them on pretty much anything during redemption. Let’s just say that I love this store!
I even have a bag to match the ensemble, thanks to Thirty-One Gifts. The “All About the Benjamins” wallet is like the TARDIS of wallets! I own an LG V20 because I tend to use it as a tablet more than a phone. I read on this thing! It is freaking huge! It also fits in this wallet, along with my cards and even my checkbook (and currently crayons. Don’t ask!) It is pretty awesome.
While the tank is a bit of a darker blue, it is a bit out of my usual style because it has white on it, and I am a bit of a mess at times. I love the lighter jeans and the cardigan. It inspired me to get a few more lighter colors for summer. I am even shooting with a lighter colored dress in a few weeks!
My point of all of this today is this: don’t get stuck in a rut of staying within the norms, especially if you are plus size! There are so many fun colors out there, and you will look fabulous!
What is something you have done that is out of the norm with fashion recently? I would love to hear about it! Don’t forget to share and follow my blog for more plus size fashion, beauty, and pin-up adventures!

body confidence Photo Shoots

Behind the Scenes Boudoir Shoot

I had so much fun doing this boudoir shoot with Ivory Rose Photography. I think I was just proud of myself because I actually did my own make up and hair and can really see where I am actually improving! Okay, so I needed a bit of help getting on my false eye lashes, but it is a learning experience!
Here is a behind the scenes selfie…
And here is one from the set!

Photo by Ivory Rose Photography

I had a lot of fun with this shoot and felt like a queen, which is what this is all about! Doing a boudoir shoot is a bit different than doing pin up because the expectations are to be a bit sexier…a bit more daring. It makes me look at myself differently and kinda gives me a boost of confidence. I really do think it is something every woman should do at least once, even if you are the only one who gets to see the pics!
I hope you like my pics! Don’t forget to share and click on the social media buttons to follow for more pics and fun!

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We are all Beautiful

You may remember Pin Up of the Week Kara Kurves from a few weeks ago. She is super big on body positivity…so much so that she wanted to do something to help the cause!
Kara Kurves says, “I was sitting at home one night watching TV and I just kept getting bombarded by hate and anger. So I decided I wanted to do something positive, something to spread love and happiness. The idea of a calendar popped into my head so I began researching. I decided that I was going to make a donation to the I AM BEAUTIFUL organization. This is a wonderful group that provides educational programs to schools and works tirelessly to to build self-esteem and confidence in young girls as well as grown women.
So with wonderful donations from Michael Bann of Victor Devilbliss and Nicole Zedonek of Making Faces Professional Make Up I was able to set my plan into motion. I put a call out to my pinup family for help. I was able to round up 8 amazing ladies that were willing to help bring this fundraiser to fruition. So I’m proud to present the ‘We are ALL beautiful’ calendar. We are taking Pre-orders now and will have them available for purchase soon.”
Meet the lovely ladies of the “We are all beautiful” Calendar! These lovely ladies are all on board to promoting that we are all beautiful! Wanna help? Well, they are taking pre-orders for their amazing calendar. Here are the details:
I hope that you will support this cause! No matter what size you are, YOU are beautiful!
That’s all from me for now!

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I am a chubby girl. There, I said it. I have fat on my body, BUT it does not define me as a person. I am more than just a chubby girl. I am a pin up model, a wife, a mother, a friend, a blogger, a fan girl, and a big geek. I like to post my outfits on Instagram because I like to show off my style and also inspire other women to find new ideas for clothes to wear. However, I have noticed a trend lately that I feel I need to address because I just can’t keep my big mouth shut (unless you put a big cheeseburger in it. Winks)
First of all, I want to say that I respect people who do direct selling. I used to do it myself once upon a time and was quite good at it. I even like some of the products that people direct sell. However, I do not like the tactics that many “health” MLMs use. I have noticed over the past few months that when I post inspirational and body positive quotes or Instagram or sometimes when I post a knock-it-out-of-the-park Outfit Of The Day post, I have been getting hit up by people who inevitably just want me to buy their shit. I know not all of the MLM people who follow me are like that, and those who generally like my style or what I post, I got nothing but respect for you. However, those that want me to buy their wraps, drink their “fitness drinks,” or want me to try one of their weight loss products because I have “the fats” can frankly go to hell. These trolls are the kinds of people who will “follow” me after I post a body positive post just because they hope I will follow them back. Then, of course, they unfollow me. They will send me a direct message maybe or leave a comment on one or two of my posts. I seriously am not buying it. Basically, what these people are doing is saying, “Hey Fatty, I see you posting on the internets. Buy my shit and lose some weight.” What I see is a troll who has no common sense and will not ever get my business. It also makes me lose respect for the product he or she is selling.
To be honest, if I am going to buy anything, it is going to be from someone I know, not from someone who is trolling hashtags. Also, these people don’t know shit about me. They are NOT my doctors. They don’t know why I am chubby or what I eat. They don’t know that I love to exercise, I hike, bike, and I love bellydance! They just see someone who is gaining interest on social media and think I am a quick sell…or maybe they are hoping to snag one of my followers.
Well, I have to say, I feel sorry for these people because they can’t see what I am trying to do…that I am trying to encourage people to love themselves because when it comes down to it, I can love myself as a chubby girl, and if I lose weight, then great. However, if I don’t love myself now, I will not love myself just because my ass can fit into smaller jeans.
I am gonna keep being me. I am gonna keep posting my awesome outfits, and I am going to be whatever the hell I want to be. To my trolls, well if you don’t like it, you can kiss my fat ass!

I got nothing but resting bitch face for haters! Photo by Victor Devilbliss. MUAH by Making Faces Professional Makeup