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Yes, I know that July is almost over, but I haven’t had a chance to show off the few fun things I did get to do in June. Being sick in the summer totally sucks, but I did manage to kick off Summer 2019 with some shenanigans, despite the fact I was sick for most of June. Here are some of the highlights and Instagram tips I have learned so far this summer!

Pin Up Fair and Summer Shoes

I started June fast and furious with an amazing day at the pin up fair for the Midwest Burlesque and Rockabilly Weekend. I got to help people find fabulous pin up and rockabilly wear with my store Retro Rosie and even got to judge the pin up contest! While I don’t compete anymore in pageants, I love to judge them (even though it is so hard) because I love to see everyone’s interpretation of pin up. I firmly believe that pin up is for everyone and that we all have the right to our own interpretations to it. It was a blast, and I hope to judge some more contests before the year’s end.

I also made sure that my first shoe collaboration included some fun shoes to wear with some of my pin up outfits. The polka dot shoes that I got for part of my Shoe Warehouse Sale collaboration in Cleveland give me some serious Minnie Mouse vibes, but I also think they will look great with a Lindy Bop dress I own. I still may get Minnie Mouse ears though…just because!

Supporting A Good Cause

June marked a major shift for Prissy Missy in regards to collaborations. As I mentioned earlier, I had a shoe collab with the Shoe Warehouse Sale, but I also had one with TOMS shoes. I got the cutest shoes for it too!

Not only are these shoes surprisingly comfortable, I got to help promote a great cause. TOMS has been working with influencers for its #standfortomorrow campaign, which donates money to causes when you buy their shoes. My focus was on mental health as it is something I cover here. This was one of the biggest collabs I have done so far and a total highlight of my summer!


Fashion Fun and The Glow Up (Instagram Tips )

As I work to create a more professional feel to my Instagram, I dove into the world of presets recently. A lot of the bigger influencers use presets to tell their story. They focus on a color or a style to create a cohesive feed. I wanted to do something different to tell my story.

My Instagram has evolved over this past year to not only show off fun plus size fashion but to also talk about issues dear to my heart. I cover body positivity, mental illness, and fatphobia, just to name a few. When I decided to go with a preset, I wanted it to reflect my continuous “glow up” in giving that first impression. After a lot of searching on Etsy, I finally found what I was looking for in a preset. Now, all my photos have a little bit of a glow to them. It helps me take things to the next level but also keep true to myself.



Instagram Pose Tips

With doing more collabs comes the dilemna of how to keep things interesting. I love to stage my collaboration posts in a way that seems fun so that my followers don’t see it as too ad like. Also, to keep engaging, I add discussions to my posts, and I also try to find fun poses.

I did two Orgain campaigns last month, one for Target and one for Walmart. Before arriving at the store, I already had ideas in mind for the photos. When I do photos at Target, I love using their displays as backgrounds. Heck, I did a whole stylized shoot at a Target for fun!

instagram tips

My best tip for Instagrammers is to think outside the box. Make sure you follow the rules for your collab and include everything required. However, make sure you also have fun with it! You will also find that your followers will enjoy the refreshing change from a regular ad. It really helps build your personal brand.

instagram tips


What’s Next?

Coming up in Prissy Missy Fun, I can’t wait to show you all some fun highlights from my recent trip to North Carolina. Plus, I hope to share more Instagram tips as I am always learning.  I also am covering the Ohio State Fair and will be showing off some photo fun from that as well! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for fashion, fun, and more shenanigans!