Living your dreams even when life throws you a curveball

Sometimes life happens in a way that makes us scared. Sometimes things happen that screw up our plans and goals so badly that we want to give up, that we can't see a happy ending, or that we think we cannot obtain our dreams. Don't give up on your dreams! Re-evaluate them. Start slowly. Start simply and build on that.


What I would like to tell people with an invisible illness

I have not written a lot lately. I got on a nice schedule and was becoming so proud of myself because my stats were going up, and people were reading my blog. Then I started having "episodes" again that brought me low and have put me pretty much out of commission for a bit. I… Continue reading What I would like to tell people with an invisible illness


Self Care is the best care

I am going to be honest...I love doing pin up, and I love blogging. I have been blogging for another blog for many years and have contributed to other blogs over the years. I know I should be writing more. However, if you have been following me the last year, you know that I had… Continue reading Self Care is the best care

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These trolls are the kinds of people who will "follow" me after I post a body positive post just because they hope I will follow them back. Then, of course, they unfollow me. They will send me a direct message maybe or leave a comment on one or two of my posts. I seriously am not buying it. Basically, what these people are doing is saying, "Hey Fatty, I see you posting on the internets. Buy my shit and lose some weight." What I see is a troll who has no common sense and will not ever get my business.


Sometimes You Just Have to Keep Breathing…

Sometimes, I feel like I am not in control of my own life, and it makes me mad. I set goals for myself and have a plan of what life should be, and then it derails somewhere along the way. I feel like I have no control over what is going to happen, and instead… Continue reading Sometimes You Just Have to Keep Breathing…