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Date Night at Tilt Studio


If you have been together as long as the Mister and I have, sometimes the relationship gets stale. It does not mean that it is a bad relationship, but it does mean that you need to sit down and figure out how to put some more zest into it! For me and the Mister, it means the importance of going on dates. Recently, he and I decided to have a fun night out at Tilt Studio in the Eastwood Mall.
date night at tilt studio eastwood
Tilt Studio features arcade games, mini-bowling, mini-golf, laser tag, and more! They even have a Tilt O Whirl in the center of it!
games at tilt studios
The place is perfect for couples that like a little competition! We had a blast playing games and even had some fun racing cars!
racing cars at tilt studio
Date night should be more than just going to dinner and a movie. This date is creative, and it is good for seasoned couples and also couples that are first starting to date. If you are newly dating, it allows you to show off your fun side, and if conversation is awkward, there is so much else to do. For seasoned couples like us, it is great because we don’t feel ourselves slipping into the pattern of talking about the kids or work. We can focus on us and having fun.
If you don’t live near Tilt Studio, there are also places like Dave and Buster’s that have an adult arcade, which is fun! Just remember to enjoy yourselves!

All photos taken by CW Photography. Jean Jacket thrifted. Tee is from Hot Topic. Jeans are by Torrid.


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