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As you may have noticed by now, one of my many talents is trying to look put together without actually spending a lot of time doing so. I am the Diva On the Go, you could say. One thing that does usually take time to do is my hair. I do wear a bun a lot, and I put a flower in it for rockabilly flair or a funky headband for boho chic. However, I love to have curl to my hair, but I don’t usually have time to curl it. Also, I hate wearing curlers to bed. My mom used to make me wear the plastic ones when I was a kid…you know, the kind where you get poked a million times by the hair clips while they are being put on your head. I love my mom, but seriously, I hate those rollers. I loathe them. I despise them! So I was so happy when I found a new solution, a headband curler!

Glam Waves comes in two sizes and retails for $19.95 on Amazon

I admit the first time I saw one of these, I thought it was hokey and that it may end up in the back of my drawer where all the other things that look cool but don’t work end up. I was pleasantly surprised! It was very easy to do, and it was comfortable for sleeping too, unlike many other rollers. When I took it out the next day, I had cute curls that stayed with me the whole day!
My glamorous roller selfie!

Basically, you put on the headband and roll the hair into it while your hair is wet. I let mine stay overnight. It took about two minutes to put my hair into the headband. It was that simple.
The Check out my serious curls selfie!

The GlamWaves headband comes in two sizes: short to medium length hair  and medium to long length hair. My hair stayed curly all day, and if you have hard to curl hair like me, you know what a big deal that is.
In my mind, this purchase was a success. Not only can I get cute curls, but I can actually make my hair look cute in just a couple minutes. I did my makeup and hair, and I was out the door in about five minutes or so! Not bad at all!
So if you are looking for a painless way to curl your hair, or if you are a novice and looking for an easy way to have cute hair, check the headband out! If you have tried this, I would love to hear your thoughts about it as well! Until next time!



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