Falling in Love With Dirty South Vintage Accessories

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My favorite time of year is finally here! I am ready for all the pumpkin patches, haunted hayrides, and apple cider I can find! ALL OF IT!!! I am also ready to bring out all my fall favorite wardrobe items…boots, leggings, sweaters, and jewelry like my new bracelet from Dirty South Vintage! Since we are entering a new season, I want to take a moment, not only to review my new favorite accessory, but to give a few tips on accessorizing for the season!


Making sure my accessories match the season is kinda important to me, so when I had the opportunity to review this super cute bracelet from Dirty South Vintage I was like, yes please! The first thing I noticed once it arrived was how pretty the hearts were and how well it was made. It is stretchy, which can be good or bad…good in that it accomodates a variety of sizes, bad if the elastic is not durable. I am happy to say that the elastic for this bracelet is super durable!

This bracelet is sure to be one of my fall favorites because of the fall colors and versatility. I can match this with a number of my necklaces and outfits. I love to wear browns, oranges, greens, and black in the fall. Jewelry like this matches with them all!

With accessorizing being super important, one of the things I have been doing while going through my closets for fall is making sure that I have what I need, accessory wise, based on the wardrobe and season. With fall, I am looking to see what kinds of boots I have, what necklaces are the most versatile and would go with different outfits. I am also taking stock of my hats and scarves as well. I love to wear cute scarves with knee high boots, a simple top, and leggings or a skirt. I also love a good cardigan too. Cardigans can go with my muggle wardrobe and my pin up wardrobe!

When choosing you accessories, I always suggest that you choose pieces that have a lot of versatility, like my bracelet. While something may look beautiful online or at a store, you always need to ask yourself, how can I wear this? How many outfits will work with it? I implemented the “three rule” for accessories and jackets because I have been collecting too much of both. If you can wear it with at least three different outlets, buy it. If you can’t leave it! This will prevent clutter, and your wallet will thank you too!

Also, when choosing accessories, especially seasonal ones, look at the durability of the item. Like I mentioned with my bracelet, one of the things I liked was that the elastic was durable. While some scarves, jackets, and jewelry can be inexpensive, if you buy something like this, only to have it barely make it through the season, you are just throwing money away. As a budget conscious fashionista, I am always on the look out for items that are cute and cheap, yet durable!

If you haven’t changed your closet for warmer clothing yet, now is the time. Also, make sure that you go through your clothing for worn out, wrong sized, or never worn items. While I do have a few sentimental items in my closet, I try to keep it current and with clothes that fit and that I wear. The rest I consign, give to friends, or give to charity. This helps you also keep clutter at bay!

I hope you found these tips super helpful. If you liked my accessories in this post, be sure to check out Dirty South Vintage! Also be sure to follow me on social media. I post all sorts of goodies there too!


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