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How to Find Plus Size Fan Girl Fashion


Five years ago, I made a very conscious decision to purge my wardrobe and start fresh. Granted, I wore trendy clothes, but to be honest, they just did not fit who I am. It was like I settled for mom gear and forgot my own sense of style. Needless to say, I had no idea where to start.
Where to find Plus Size Fan Girl Fashion
While I started wearing more pin up and rockabilly style apparel, I also liked showing off my geek side. While Hot Topic does not carry a lot of plus size in their stores (and I want to say for the record that I think they should), they carry a pretty extensive line on their website. I get some of my cosplay starter dresses there when they have clearance sales because sometimes it makes it cheaper to go that route than to make it myself, but you can read more about that on another post. They carry a lot of tee shirts for various fandoms, as well as dresses and accessories. The R2D2 purse featured here was purchased there.
I also find a lot of fun pieces at Torrid. As you probably know, if you follow me on Instagram, I wear a lot of clothes from Torrid. In store, they carry a lot of tee shirts, sweaters, pants, and all that jazz. They also have been known to carry underwear and bralettes too in certain fandoms, like Star Wars. Plus, you can get some super cute purses as well. I have even gotten Disney themed flats there. However, if you go online, they have wayyyyy more! That is how I got the Star Wars romper. I love this romper by the way. It is super cute, and it fits pretty true to size. The nice thing about Torrid is that they carry clothing from size 10 to 30.
Probably one of the most extensive places to find fan girl clothes though is at Her Universe. Her Universe is an online store that caters to fandoms. The only drawback is that it only goes to a 3x, and it is a bit small. They carry everything from sleepwear to pin up style dresses in your favorite fandoms. Super cute stuff!
These are my favorite places to shop for my geekier clothes. I love showing off my love of Star Wars, Doctor Who, comic books, and Disney characters. The fact that I look super cute while doing it is a plus.
For this particular look featured in this post, I wore a Star Wars romper from Torrid with a R2-D2 purse from Hot Topic. My hat and sandals are thrifted from Clothes Mentor. I wore this for a day out with the mister, but where would you wear an outfit like this?
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Star Wars Romper

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