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How to Stand Out As A Blogger or Influencer

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Recently, I decided to take a long look at my blog, my brand, to decide  how to stand out as a blogger or influencer. While I originally started this blog as a way to show off my love for pin up, it somehow morphed into a labor of love discussing plus size fashion, my struggle with chronic illness, and body positivity. Over this journey, I have sometimes struggled with finding my own voice and what makes me stand out in a crowd…what makes me different. So if you are a blogger or influencer, or just someone who feels like a wallflower, this post is just for you!

Finding what makes you stand out in the crowd:

As I have mentioned on Instagram a lot, I have been working hard at a return to blogging and social media after having to pretty much take an extended break because of health issues. One of my biggest struggles this past year has been remaining true to myself while trying to make myself stand out in the crowd.

The struggle to do what others do in hopes that it works for you too is totally real. Sometimes it is wanting to use the same presets as an Instagrammer that is currently hitting it out of the park. Other times, it is using the same poses for photos as someone else or even writing in the style of others. You may even find yourself blogging about things just because they are popular topics, not because you want to write about them.

The biggest thing I have learned though is that while it might help short term, you will find yourself in a place of being burned out. It takes so much emotional and physical energy to be something you aren’t.

How do you fix it?

First of all, you have to change your mindset. Have confidence in yourself. Next, do your research. Take what you love and your passions and figure out how to make them work for you. Research ideas to make it work for your blog. Research hashtags relevant to what YOU want to do and engage with other like minded accounts.

Don’t be afraid to mess up. Just keep going. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and everything takes time. Whatever you do, don’t judge your journey based on someone else’s. On first appearance, some people may seem to be super successful easily and quickly. However, it often isn’t the case. Never compare yourself to others. We will each get to our goals eventually and in our own time!

Changing Your Attitude

Do you struggle with staying true to yourself? If so, what are you doing to change that? Sit down and figure out what it is you want from this and take steps to make it happen. That is the best way to figure out how to stand out as a blogger or influencer.

After all, no one wants to see the same thing over and over again. That’s so boring! So don’t be afraid to be creative and be you!

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  1. Calvin
    February 19, 2020 at 8:35 pm

    Nice tips to go by, definitely widening my knowledge in the blog world

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