Plus Size Style Without Breaking the Bank at Love Thy Curves

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I love shopping and a good bargain, which is why I love consignment stores! However, as a plus size gal, sometimes the plus size selection at many consignment stores is slim pickings. However, I recently found a place that carries only plus size consignment: Love Thy Curves!

love thy curves consignment store


What is Love Thy Curves?

Love Thy Curves is a plus size women’s consignment boutique located in Boardman, Ohio. There you can find gently used plus size clothing, accessories, shoes, and more! You can also consign there and earn money for your shopping adventures. Seriously, if you have ever wondered how I can afford the awesome clothing in my closet, this is really how I do it! I recently got to sit down and talk with founder, Patti about how she put together this amazing shop!


While sitting with Patti, she explained that while cleaning her closet at the end of 2014, she found herself with so many things that she wanted to consign but nowhere to take them. It occurred to her that she should start her own consignment store for plus size women. After generating a business plan and finding a space in North Lima, Ohio, she turned that dream into reality.

More fashion from Love Thy Curves

By 2016, she decided to move her business to Boardman, Ohio where it has been ever since. The really unique thing about where her business is now is that the building was originally a China shop built in 1933 and also owned by a woman! It was the first retail store in Boardman. The fact that it was woman-owned is really awesome as the owner of it, Kaletta Cushing, made her business happen in a time when women did not really own businesses or work outside the home. It seems like the perfect place for another woman owned business to prosper!

Love Thy Curves window display

What the founder loves most about this business?

One of the things Patti loves most is the stories people tell her like when they come to shop for a special occasion…whether it be a celebration or a funeral. Sometimes women just talk, telling stories about their lives. Patti loves the people who come in and share their lives with her. She loves helping them find the right outfit. 
For her, it is also a change of pace from her other career as a real estate agent. In this business, she is not competing with others, she is competing with herself which gives her a lot less headaches. As her children are older, she says this gives her purpose and something to do.

shopping at Love Thy Curves
Vest was found at Love Thy Curves. Dress is CowCow. Please click for purchase information.

Learning more about Patti and her business was an utter delight. Consigning with her is super easy as well. You can find out more about how to consign on her website, and you can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram!
Have you found a plus size consignment boutique you love? If so, let me know. I would love to hear about it!



  1. Ta'lor Pinkston
    July 23, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Hello. I was given your website for a possible contact to help me. I am planning to open a thrift store/boutique for curvy women in my city and would love your assistance on where to begin. I will send you an official contact email as well. I just wanted to say that I think this is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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