May Faves and Fun in Review


I decided to try something new. Since I have spent a lot more time writing and creating on Instagram lately, I wanted to find a way to combine it with my blog. Therefore, I came up with this idea to do a bit of a recap of bit I shared on stories and posts each month in case you missed a review, something fun to do or Instagram tips that I might know.

THIQUE Volumizing Mist

I recently got the opportunity to review this product on Instagram. Here is the scoop on THIQUE! THIQUE’S volumizing mist stimulates hair growth and adds volume to your hair while you style. It features plant based ingredients and gives the lift you want! You can find it in their Amazon store, so you don’t even have to leave your house! I love this stuff!


Adore Box May 2019

My unboxing for May’s Adore Box was posted on my stories this month. What I liked about this month’s box was that it gave me some great toiletries to take with me on my trip to Kalahari last month for a convention! The boxes start at $15. If you are a new subscriber, save 50% off your first box using code HALFOFF . They have a variety of plans to fit your budget and needs, and sometimes they email you deals too on mystery boxes! Just go to their website to find out more!

Edje Make Up Brush Cleaner

THIS THING IS MAGICAL! So, basically, you can rub your brushes on this bristly sponge, and it cleans them. For me, this makes vacation time easy as I really like to have clean brushes, but it is a pain to clean them when I am away. I found this beauty at my local TJ Maxx. Also, I recently discovered the magic of their beauty selection. While it is erratic, you can find some major deals on high end cosmetics. Granted, you will have to rummage a bit, but I made out like a bandit scoring some Anastasia foundation and an eye shadow palette that I coveted for many months!

Shenanigans in Holmes County Ohio

I may have to expand on this bit later, but while my parents visited, we headed to Holmes County area in Ohio. There, you will find a lot of Antiques, food, flea markets, and food and crafts made by the Amish people who live in the area. As I love antiquing, I had a ball looking through many shops. I probably embarrassed my parents though. Sorry! I couldn’t help it though. This thing practically screamed to take a picture with me!

New Jewelry and Woman Owned Business Find

Technically, I found this in April at the plus size fashion show, in which I modeled. I plan on sharing about that whole incredible experience soon, but one of the vendors there made this beautiful necklace featured above. Her business is Nancy Carol’s Jewelry, and she makes all sorts of beautiful custom pieces. This necklace makes me incredibly happy!

Outtakes, Ad Fun, and Instagram Tips

instagram tips

Since my Instagram has grown a lot in the past year, I seize opportunities to provide an income from it. I use the money I make from blogging and social media to invest in my boutique. Some of the ads I do allow me to be silly and creative, which is what I did with my recent ad campaign with Tide. My Instagram aesthetic is done in sets of threes, and I really hate archiving posts. Therefore, I try to do things that fit in with the aesthetic so I don’t have to do that.

That is how my S.O. ended up getting this:

instagram tips

…while we were shooting this:

instagram tips

The great part was that while I had fun with it, I also got more discussion. While many people don’t have as much traction on ads as regular posts, I usually don’t have that problem because I try to incorporate products with my aesthetic.

I hope you enjoyed my May highlights and found something useful…whether it was a product review or Instagram tips. Be sure to follow me on Instagram too because that is where I post all my fashion and random bits first! Happy Summer!




    June 6, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Love the necklace! Congrats on the partnership with Tide.

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