More Beginner Makeup Ideas


Since I know a lot of women get intimidated by makeup, I thought I would write another post on makeup basics, including a selfie that shows this is pretty much every day stuff!
I actually spent a bit of time on my face today and was playing up my eyes a bit. For this, I used Revolution Cosmetics’ Unicorns Unite pallette. Then I used my ELF Cosmetics eyeliner with Ulta Mascara. I used ELF brow liner as well.
For my face, I started with IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness. This product is UH-MAZ-ING! My skintone is slightly uneven, and this helps make my complexion better. I also picked up another NYX Cosmetics Wonderstick. I can contour, but most days, I do not have time to do a great job. On quick days, I use this. It shows some basic instructions on the box and is dual sided. It is great for beginners and lasts all day for me. I highly recommend having one in your makeup kit.
I used Wet and Wild blush today and finished everything off with Ulta high shine gloss in the color Zelda. It looks way better in person, but here is an idea of the finished product:
It took me less than ten minutes to do this, and while my selfie does not do it justice, it actually turned out pretty good. You do not need a lot of products to look good. I do not contour every day. Sometimes, I just do foundation and blush. I hope you found this helpful. Remember, makeup is fun! You don’t have to look like a runway model, and start with a little and build up to it!


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