A little accessorizing goes a long way!

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I have been featuring some of my favorite outfits and to go pieces for a bit and thought it was time to take a moment to talk accessories. I love to accessorize!!! The mister probably thinks I have too much crap, but I don’t care! It is all MINE!!! I purge my closet a few times a year of shoes and clothes. However, I never get rid of jewelry, scarves, purses, and hair stuff. I have things that I have had since high school, and I still use them!
One of my favorite things to do lately is to add a belt…to most everything! This chunky belt shown I got at a thrift store. Never underestimate your local thrift stores! My personal favorites are Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor, partly because I love consigning with them and usually get a good amount for it too! Anyways, a nice chunky belt with a tunic can give a nice hourglass shape. If you need ideas on where to start, I really like this one from Simply Be!
I also tend to wear a lot of jewelry and scarves. I seldom leave my house without something around my neck. I like big clunky pieces. I am not sure where I picked the black necklace from my ensemble. I have had it quite a while. You may have even seen it in some of my older pin-up shoots!
However, simple pieces, like this one below are nice because you can wear it dressed up and dressed down! It can also be found at Simply Be
bc736.I like to keep a variety of purses so that I can match outfits from time to time. However, if purses are not your thing, I suggest finding something that is simple that will go with a variety of outfits. It gives you a more polished look.
The point of using accessories is to make your outfit stand out a little more. If you are like me and like to wear the same outfits over and over again, it also makes them look a little different each time, depending on the accessories you use!
The outfit featured:
A top from Rue 21
A purse from Payless
Pants and belt thrifted
Accessories featured in this article may be found at Simply Be!

Skater Dress Fun

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Ok, so I am back with more skater dresses. I have been asked by friends about them since I have been posting pics on Instagram with them. The long-sleeved skater dress is my favorite thing to wear this winter. You can wear them with a vest, like I did in my post about the faux fur vest, but you can also pair them with a belt like this:
I got the dress at Rue 21. I have this dress in so many colors and floral patterns because I just fell in love with this dress in the fall! You can dress it up and dress it down however you like! It looks great with leggings, like these candy skull ones from Du North Designs!
Since these dresses are so simplistic, I use the dress as a base and accessorize them with my belts, jewelry, and scarves. The belt is nice since it is a free flowing dress. It defines your waist and gives you shape.
The dresses are available all the way misses to plus. For reference, I wear a XL or a 1X in these. Winter can be cold and drab, but your wardrobe does not have to be!
Product Guide:
Skater Dress: Rue 21/Rue 21 Plus
Leggings: Du North Designs
Accessories: Torrid and Thrift Stores

Easy Peasy Hair Curls

As you may have noticed by now, one of my many talents is trying to look put together without actually spending a lot of time doing so. I am the Diva On the Go, you could say. One thing that does usually take time to do is my hair. I do wear a bun a lot, and I put a flower in it for rockabilly flair or a funky headband for boho chic. However, I love to have curl to my hair, but I don’t usually have time to curl it. Also, I hate wearing curlers to bed. My mom used to make me wear the plastic ones when I was a kid…you know, the kind where you get poked a million times by the hair clips while they are being put on your head. I love my mom, but seriously, I hate those rollers. I loathe them. I despise them! So I was so happy when I found a new solution, a headband curler!

Glam Waves comes in two sizes and retails for $19.95 on Amazon

I admit the first time I saw one of these, I thought it was hokey and that it may end up in the back of my drawer where all the other things that look cool but don’t work end up. I was pleasantly surprised! It was very easy to do, and it was comfortable for sleeping too, unlike many other rollers. When I took it out the next day, I had cute curls that stayed with me the whole day!
My glamorous roller selfie!

Basically, you put on the headband and roll the hair into it while your hair is wet. I let mine stay overnight. It took about two minutes to put my hair into the headband. It was that simple.
The Check out my serious curls selfie!

The GlamWaves headband comes in two sizes: short to medium length hair  and medium to long length hair. My hair stayed curly all day, and if you have hard to curl hair like me, you know what a big deal that is.
In my mind, this purchase was a success. Not only can I get cute curls, but I can actually make my hair look cute in just a couple minutes. I did my makeup and hair, and I was out the door in about five minutes or so! Not bad at all!
So if you are looking for a painless way to curl your hair, or if you are a novice and looking for an easy way to have cute hair, check the headband out! If you have tried this, I would love to hear your thoughts about it as well! Until next time!

Behind the Scenes Boudoir Shoot

I had so much fun doing this boudoir shoot with Ivory Rose Photography. I think I was just proud of myself because I actually did my own make up and hair and can really see where I am actually improving! Okay, so I needed a bit of help getting on my false eye lashes, but it is a learning experience!
Here is a behind the scenes selfie…
And here is one from the set!

Photo by Ivory Rose Photography

I had a lot of fun with this shoot and felt like a queen, which is what this is all about! Doing a boudoir shoot is a bit different than doing pin up because the expectations are to be a bit sexier…a bit more daring. It makes me look at myself differently and kinda gives me a boost of confidence. I really do think it is something every woman should do at least once, even if you are the only one who gets to see the pics!
I hope you like my pics! Don’t forget to share and click on the social media buttons to follow for more pics and fun!

Don't Let Society Dictate Your Worth

I saw this meme going around Facebook asking, “Why is every other girl my age 1000% prettier than me?” It broke my heart. As someone who has dealt with body image issues in the past, I just want to hug these girls that think this and say that you are just as beautiful as the other girls.

Nope Nopety Nope Nope

With social media being so prevalent in our every day lives, more and more of us are subjected to this kind of bull shit every day. There are the stupid challenges, like the one where the perfect body size is dictated by whether or not you can touch fingers when you put them around your waist. We are inundated with fad diets and afraid that if we wear the wrong thing in public, we may end up on someone’s Tumblr account for being a beached whale.
The thing is that beauty is a relative term. The things I might find beautiful, others may not. When we let society dictate that only one type is beautiful…whether that be skinny, fat, or somewhere in between, we are telling everyone else that they are not. We are all beautiful. Each one of us is unique. Just because you do not fit into someone’s box of what beauty is doesn’t make you any less spectacular than you are.
It is high time that we as women start to remember this and fight back against society’s shaming. We need to stand up against the magazine articles and ugly media. We need to support our skinny sisters and our thick sisters. We need to stand together and tell society and the media to take their standards and shove them up their asses. It is so easy to criticize ones self. Next time, you start thinking you are not worthy, remind yourself that you are awesome and go flaunt your stuff. If someone doesn’t like it, well they are the ones that have their own issues to work out, not you.
Go out and be awesome. Spread the word, compliment one another, and let’s end this shit together!

Makeup on the Go

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This week, I have not had a lot of time to do makeup. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I do a lot of five minute makeup days. They are not glamorous like pin up makeup days or regular makeup days. However, five minute makeup days are great for those days where you don’t want to go out looking like a complete bum but don’t have time to do something complex.

Selfie from recent five minute makeup

For these days, I focus on eyes and add a bright color for lips. For the lips, I used a simple moisturizing lipstick from E.L.F. Cosmetics. E.L.F. is one of my big go tos for most things as you may be aware from past posts. It has a drugstore price point, but it lasts. I admit that I splurge on foundation. However, I can get most everything else I need from them.
Great coverage and great price!

With my eyes, I like to use my eye liner to accentuate. However, you don’t need to go overboard, like I did in my selfie above. You can actually achieve a cute look with just a bit of blended liner on the top of your lids. Add mascara, and you are finished!
liner and mascara up top. Nothing else!

As I say with makeup in general, the point is to have fun. Whether you have 45 minutes or 5, make it fun! Also, if you are a novice, still just have fun and practice. That is one of the reasons I talk about makeup in 5 and under so much. I think a lot of people get scared off from doing makeup because they think it needs to be over the top. In all actuality, it is whatever you make of it. It also takes practice. I still have days where I look like a clown. I just wipe it off and start again, or if I don’t have the time, I cover it up the best I can. Makeup should always be fun and a way to express yourself!

Why you need a faux fur vest

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Ok, this is my favorite look this season, the faux fur vest! This thing is so versatile! You wear it to dress up. You wear it to accessorize! You wear it because it is so soft and warm! It is AMAZING! I snagged a couple of them for the season from Rue 21, which for those of you who are plus size and did not know, Rue 21 has come a long way with their plus size game! I mean this is what my store looks like! The plus size is about the same size as regular! Do you know how happy it makes me to have such a huge selection! (I am looking at you Forever 21!)
Notice how the plus is just all out in front like “Here I am in my awesomeness!” I mean how awesome is this?
Okay, so I am seriously in love! The quality of clothes there has gotten better, and I have been shopping there so much more lately because of it!
So anyways…back to the vests. I invested in two from Rue 21. This is the one I wore today. I also got the dress there too!
I felt like a queen in this. It is super soft. It has little enclosures, so you can wear it open or closed. It was kinda on the warm side since Mother Nature hasn’t gotten herself sorted yet apparently, but I was not too warm in it either, which is a major plus!
Speaking of super soft, my leggings are divine! They are from Du North, a company based in Canada. You can find other super soft leggings in sizes from kids to a 26 here. I am not a fan of jeans, so these are perfect. Not only that, the skater dress look is perfect with them!
This look makes me feel like a queen and was easy on the wallet as well. I hope you are all warm and cozy and that this inspires you to try something new! What is your go-to look this winter?

Thrifting in Yellow!

Last week I discovered an entire consignment store geared towards women sizes 14 and up! It was such a cute little boutique, and I was so excited to find some treasures in the store!
I managed to get my tank, skirt, and scarf for under $10! I am loving the sunny feeling they give me, and I am anxious to get some more use out of this outfit before the weather starts to get cooler!
Right now, a lot of thrift stores are trying to get rid of summer clothes, so if you want to stock up for next year, now is the time to go! Happy thrifting!

Thrifty fall dress

I thought going into fall, it would be fun to share some of my favorite thrifted finds with you all! I am big into thrift shopping, and while it is not always easy to find my style at the consignment stores, sometimes I get lucky!
This dress was a thrifty find from last fall online. I am a member of several Facebook groups for plus-size gals. It is lots of fun, and I find some really awesome things from time to time. However, there are some things to keep in mind for shopping and swapping on them!
First off, make sure you check out the rules as soon as you join and make sure you follow them. Some admins will delete you for the tiniest infraction. Also, if you are selling, you want to make sure you are doing it right. If you are buying, you want to make sure you do it by the book. A lot of groups run pretty much the same, but sometimes you run into one that is different than the rest.
Second, I suggest that anyone new to this should kinda lurk a bit. You can get used to who regularly posts, and get a feel for buying on the page. I have only gotten burned once as a buyer. This leads me to my third rule…
Since almost everyone does business by Pay Pal, only pay by invoice. This protects you if something goes wrong. No invoice, no help in a lot of cases.
Also, if you can, look at feedback on the group. It helps you know who is a good seller and who is a good buyer. Also, know that some of these groups are prone to drama. There are some great scores in groups in which I belonged that had so much drama that while I love the deals I could find there, I left because I could not take the drama.
Thrifting via Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram can be fun. I have spent the last year decorating my home and finding cute pin up looks and other cute outfits thanks to the thrifting groups and pages. Learning the rules and getting a feel for the groups or pages really helps you in your experiences.
This dress was actually one of my first finds, and I cannot wait to wear it again this fall. I hope my tips have helped you in getting started. As always, I look forward from hearing you via messages or in the comments below!

Dropt and Destroyed Photo Shoot

Okay, Okay…. I am a little behind on getting photo shoots up for you all to see! I did one pin up contest this summer. I didn’t win, but I met some great gals from Heels From Combat Boots. They were so awesome that I decided to apply to be a Heels For Combat Boots Model, which I am soooooo excited to now be a part of the organization!
This was my first shoot with Ivory Rose Photography and definitely won’t be my last! Hope you like my pics as much as I enjoyed posing for them, despite it was hot as heck that day! (That seems to be a theme with me and car shows ‘cuz I am sizzlin!)

This was a different kind of car show from what I am used to seeing. The common thing with all the cars in this show was that they were all low to the ground! Talk about amazing tricked-out cars! I loved it!


The heat made it really hard to pose, and the sun was in my face pretty much the whole time, but we had fun!


I love the chrome on this car! Just sayin’! Also, I am pretty proud of how my hair was still curly by the time this was shot!


This is one of my favorite shots from the day. This is also my favorite car from the day too!


Hot car…hot blonde…what more could you want?



For those interested, My swing dress is from Torrid, and my shoes are actually from Payless. Peep Toe shoes are a must for the pin up look, but I like having something that doesn’t make me want to cry by the time the day is through!

I had a blast that day, despite the heat. I hope you enjoyed my photos! Which one is your favorite? Feel free to tell me in the comments below!

 Until next time!