Photo Shoots

Boudoir with Sapphire Images Shoot

This past spring, I got a chance to work with Boudoir by Sapphire Images. She is a great photographer who is looking at expanding her work base. For me, it was a chance to get out of my comfort zone because it was lingerie, different posing, and some of the pictures boldly showed (gasp) my… Continue reading Boudoir with Sapphire Images Shoot

Pin Up Spotlight

Pin Up Spotlight: Dixie DuBonnet

For this week's Pin Up of the Week, I got to catch up with the blonde bombshell, Dixie DuBonnet! She does beautiful work, and I enjoyed learning more about her! She has a great positive attitude! Me: What is your Favorite Color? Dixie: Turquoise. Me: What misconceptions have you found while doing pin up? Dixie:… Continue reading Pin Up Spotlight: Dixie DuBonnet


Self Care is the best care

I am going to be honest...I love doing pin up, and I love blogging. I have been blogging for another blog for many years and have contributed to other blogs over the years. I know I should be writing more. However, if you have been following me the last year, you know that I had… Continue reading Self Care is the best care

Pin Up Spotlight

Pin Up Spotlight: Ki-Ki Vengeance

This week, I am featuring the curvy vixen, Ki-Ki Vengeance! I love seeing her pictures, and you can see more of her on Facebook and Instagram! However, I also have a collection of favorites from her and some interesting facts about her!   Me: What is your favorite thing about pin up? Ki-Ki: My favorite… Continue reading Pin Up Spotlight: Ki-Ki Vengeance

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These trolls are the kinds of people who will "follow" me after I post a body positive post just because they hope I will follow them back. Then, of course, they unfollow me. They will send me a direct message maybe or leave a comment on one or two of my posts. I seriously am not buying it. Basically, what these people are doing is saying, "Hey Fatty, I see you posting on the internets. Buy my shit and lose some weight." What I see is a troll who has no common sense and will not ever get my business.

Pin Up Spotlight

Pin Up Spotlight: Kara Kurves

One of the great things about being connected to a great pin up community is meeting other Pin Up Models, so I thought it might be fun to introduce my readers to some of the lovely ladies in my Pin Up family. This week's Pin Up Model is Kara Kurves. She is soon to be… Continue reading Pin Up Spotlight: Kara Kurves