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Plus Size Fashion Fun at Playhouse Square: A Bronx Tale Fashion Story


Going to the theater always gives me the opportunity to try out something fancy from my closet that I may not get to wear every day. In this case, I finally got to wear my velvet cold shoulder dress that I purchased from Torrid for this plus size fashion excursion to Playhouse Square in Cleveland.



About the Dress

While this dress may not work for summer, it definitely could work for just about every other season. My only regret is that I accidentally put a hole in my favorite light colored tights. Therefore, I ended up pairing the dress with my favorite seamed tights instead.

This plus size fashion staple was on my must have list since early winter, so when I had the opportunity to purchase it around my birthday when it went on clearance, I totally took advantage of it! Also, while I managed to get a great deal on the dress, always remember that the off season is the best time to get your wardrobe for the next season. I love to buy sweaters in summer and flowy dresses in the middle of winter!

This dress came with a small belt, but I wanted to accentuate my figure. I chose the corset style belt, also from Torrid, to do just that. If you have followed me for a while, you know I just love my accessories!

plus size fashion fun at Playhouse Square

Fun with Shoes

While I think the shoes would have gone better with a lighter tight, I still wanted to show them off as I recently discovered them in a box of things from over fifteen years ago! They still fit and look like new, so I have to give them some wear time! I loved these shoes when I was younger, and honestly I wish this style would make more of a comeback. Until then, I am just gonna have to march to my own beat in them!

The Date and the Show

This style of dress makes a great choice for date night, a little bit sexy but leaving a little bit for later (wink wink)! I got so many compliments the whole evening and felt like a queen. Granted, it also helped that we sat in one of the first rows for the show, so I definitely had the VIP vibes. I didn’t know much about A Bronx Tale, but I absolutely loved the show. The cast was amazing, and the songs were catchy. The story is about a boy in the Bronx who had a mobster take him under his wing in the 1960’s. If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.


For this kind of date night, I didn’t want to take a big bag with me, so it gave me the opportunity to take along my new Coach clutch/wristlet. This bag is big enough to store my phone, my cards and money, and a lipstick or two! The light shade of pink goes with most of my wardrobe, so it is definitely a great wardrobe staple to have, especially for date nights!

plus size fashion fun

Final Style Notes

What I love most about this dress is that it makes me feel sexy, but also it wears well throughout the night. Since it is that velvety material, it doesn’t wrinkle. Dresses like this travel well too, so something like this would be great for travel. You can dress it down or dress it up, so it gives you a variety of looks. This is definitely a plus size fashion staple!

What do you think? Would you wear this, and if so, how? I hope you enjoyed this fashion story, and if you want to see more of my plus size fashion looks, be sure to follow me on Instagram!



Playhouse Square


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