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Rhinestoning with DeVille Rhinestones


If you have ever done costuming…whether it is dance, cosplay, burlesque, or anything else, you absolutely need rhinestones! That is why I am super excited to share about the fabulous woman who owns DeVille Rhinestones!
DEVILLE Rhinestones

Who is DeVille Rhinestones?

DeVille Rhinestones is owned by plus size model and burlesque performer, Noella DeVille. Her business began almost two years ago when she realized that she was already spending so much money on rhinestones for her own costumes and that her friends were already buying and borrowing from her personal stock. It just made sense to start selling them!
What sets DeVille Rhinestones apart from other rhinestone sellers is that she primarily sells resin stones. This offers a more affordable option for people, like her, that like to cover all their costumes in rhinestones. Resin stones offer that sparkle but are also light-weight! This helps in costuming because the costumes really pop, but they are not too heavy to wear.
As her business grows, she plans to add some other products to her shop in the future. One of her most recent additions is enamel pins. She loves designing them, and they are great little accessories!

Where to find your rhinestones?

You can find DeVille Rhinestones online at and Currently, she is offering 15% off with code BBBF.
You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

noella deville rhinestones
Warning: Rhinestones can be addicting!


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