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Making Summer Clearance work for your Fall Wardrobe

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My favorite word is “SALE.” I tend to buy a lot of my wardrobe from thrift stores and the sale racks at my favorite clothing stores. This summer, I fell in love with all the long flowy dresses from Torrid, but with starting a new business (a topic for another day), I definitely did not have the funds to purchase all the pretty dresses I wanted. However…I lucked out recently because Torrid ran their “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” sale, and guess what they had??? All my pretties!!! And in my size! At first, I did not think this was the most practical, and then I saw a few things that got my creative juices flowing. So I bought the dresses and decided to make them work for my fall and possibly winter wardrobe!

Me basking in those last few warm days we had!


I got a few chances to wear my long dresses with my favorite sandals earlier this month, but I think Fall has finally come to the Midwest. I haven’t quite put my sandals away, as I am kinda hoping that I might get one or two more days this year to wear them. However, I dusted off my combat boots because I am going 90’s baby! I think there is a part of me that wants to try some of those quintessential 90’s looks that I missed out on as a kid, so of course I am doing the whole combat boot and floral dress thing!



Since I love jackets and cardigans, I have a nice collection to go with my dresses. I like to stay with chic, but simple. I love wearing denim jackets, like some of the cute ones I have seen for fall at City Chic. However, I love things with a bit of color and sophistication, like this one!


Don’t be afraid to go bold though, especially if you have white or cream-colored dresses. I saw this jacket at Society Plus, and I might just have to nab one as I may have had a sauce accident with my favorite yellow cardi recently. I am kind of a clutz!

It’s bold and colorful, which is great to combat the grey weather that is coming!


For those of you that love fashion but are budget conscious, versatility is really key. I love wearing dresses because I am lazy. It is easier to pull on a dress than to put on a pair of pants, but that is just me. Because of that, I like to have dresses to wear all year round. Choosing longer dresses, I can add a layer when it gets colder. I can even put on warm tights when it starts getting really cold. Because these kinds of pieces are now off-season, they make great bargains. This leaves me to invest in a few other pieces that can mix and match with them and the rest of my cold weather wear. Jackets and cardigans can go with my tees, short-sleeved shirts, and blouses too. They look good with jeans, leggings, and skirts. You don’t even need a lot, but I suggest investing in a few. Then you can use them to dress up or dress down anything you have. As for the shoes…well, they are just cute. Also, they work for long dresses, skirts, leggings, or jeans. I wouldn’t wear them with most of my pin-up dresses, but I always encourage experimentation!

How do you get extra miles out of your favorite pieces? As always, I would love to hear your ideas, so be sure to comment below or get social with me at @prissymissydoll!




  1. Laurie Nykaza
    February 18, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    These clothes are so pretty love the boots too. My daughter bought some at Torrid because she is a size 11-12 and they had boots she could wear. Nice that they have coupons too. Great info thanks.

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