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Creating a Pin Up Look For You

When creating a pin up look for you, think of ways to accentuate your curves. While I love flouncy swing dresses, this particular look allowed me to show off my body in a different light. Also, work with your comfort zone and level of expertise.

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Pink Sofa Photo Shoot

A while back I did a shoot with Victor Devilbliss on a Pink Sofa. I swear, I love every picture from that set. However, this one here is one of my favorites because the expression was absolutely genuine! We were joking around, and I could not stop laughing! Sometimes the best pics require no coaching,… Continue reading Pink Sofa Photo Shoot

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My word for the year

CHALLENGE. Challenge is my word for the year. It is a difficult word. After all, did I not just go through a lot of challenges last year. I was still recovering from a TBI relapse. The mister lost his job and was trying to find a different career, which brought some financial challenges. I got… Continue reading My word for the year

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Don’t Let Society Dictate Your Worth

The thing is that beauty is a relative term. The things I might find beautiful, others may not. When we let society dictate that only one type is beautiful...whether that be skinny, fat, or somewhere in between, we are telling everyone else that they are not. We are all beautiful. Each one of us is unique. Just because you do not fit into someone's box of what beauty is doesn't make you any less spectacular than you are.

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We are all Beautiful

You may remember Pin Up of the Week Kara Kurves from a few weeks ago. She is super big on body much so that she wanted to do something to help the cause! Kara Kurves says, "I was sitting at home one night watching TV and I just kept getting bombarded by hate and anger. So… Continue reading We are all Beautiful

Photo Shoots

March Boudoir Behind the Scenes

Last month, I got to have fun with CW Photography in a boudoir shoot. I haven't done many, but I do have another to show off next week! I loved this because I felt comfortable in my skin, and I am learning to relax and just have fun with it. This is the third time… Continue reading March Boudoir Behind the Scenes