Photo Shoots

Body Positive Photoshoot with Lumos Photography

A while back, I did a photoshoot with the very talented Cleveland area photographer, Jessica Orzechowski of Lumos Photography. I have admired her work for a while, so I was super excited to create art with her. However, I did not realize how therapeutic it would be. I have been modeling for five years, and… Continue reading Body Positive Photoshoot with Lumos Photography

Pin Up Spotlight

Pin Up Spotlight: Jenny Jayne

This week, I would like to present Jenny Jayne as the Pin Up of the week! She has lots to share with you, and I hope you all enjoy getting to know her a bit better! You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and pics of her! Jenny Jayne… Continue reading Pin Up Spotlight: Jenny Jayne

body confidence

My word for the year

CHALLENGE. Challenge is my word for the year. It is a difficult word. After all, did I not just go through a lot of challenges last year. I was still recovering from a TBI relapse. The mister lost his job and was trying to find a different career, which brought some financial challenges. I got… Continue reading My word for the year

body confidence

We are all Beautiful

You may remember Pin Up of the Week Kara Kurves from a few weeks ago. She is super big on body much so that she wanted to do something to help the cause! Kara Kurves says, "I was sitting at home one night watching TV and I just kept getting bombarded by hate and anger. So… Continue reading We are all Beautiful