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Smile while posing

Photo by Victor Devilbliss. MUAH by Making Faces Professional Makeup

When I see this picture, it always makes me smile. I know it is partly because of how much fun I had that day, but I think it is because I love my smile in this. I got the face spot on! One thing that I have learned through modeling is that your smile is really important.
Pin up is fun and while it can be sensual, it is also whimsical. I forget that sometimes and do not focus on my smile. I notice that I have this problem in photos in general. I forget to smile. I am so focused on how I look that I forget to have fun too.
If you are new to pin up or maybe just need a reminder in this, don’t forget to smile! It lights up the picture!
*Outfit details: Dress and Shoes by Torrid. Pin was handmade.
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Photo Shoots

Dropt and Destroyed Photo Shoot

Okay, Okay…. I am a little behind on getting photo shoots up for you all to see! I did one pin up contest this summer. I didn’t win, but I met some great gals from Heels From Combat Boots. They were so awesome that I decided to apply to be a Heels For Combat Boots Model, which I am soooooo excited to now be a part of the organization!
This was my first shoot with Ivory Rose Photography and definitely won’t be my last! Hope you like my pics as much as I enjoyed posing for them, despite it was hot as heck that day! (That seems to be a theme with me and car shows ‘cuz I am sizzlin!)

This was a different kind of car show from what I am used to seeing. The common thing with all the cars in this show was that they were all low to the ground! Talk about amazing tricked-out cars! I loved it!


The heat made it really hard to pose, and the sun was in my face pretty much the whole time, but we had fun!


I love the chrome on this car! Just sayin’! Also, I am pretty proud of how my hair was still curly by the time this was shot!


This is one of my favorite shots from the day. This is also my favorite car from the day too!


Hot car…hot blonde…what more could you want?



For those interested, My swing dress is from Torrid, and my shoes are actually from Payless. Peep Toe shoes are a must for the pin up look, but I like having something that doesn’t make me want to cry by the time the day is through!

I had a blast that day, despite the heat. I hope you enjoyed my photos! Which one is your favorite? Feel free to tell me in the comments below!

 Until next time!