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4th of July…Pin Up Style

Last Fall, I did this amazing shoot with Ivory Rose Photography for Heels For Combat Boots that was published in their cookbook, and I shared an image from that for Memorial Day. In honor of Independence Day, I thought I would share a few more from that set! Enjoy and have a safe and happy… Continue reading 4th of July…Pin Up Style

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Pin Up At the Diner!

Last weekend, I had an awesome photo shoot at a diner with Ivory Rose Photography. It was a blast! Also, the food was delicious! I love doing photo shoots. I have been getting published more, and that is great as well. However, there is something therapeutic for me when I do them. While I cannot… Continue reading Pin Up At the Diner!

Photo Shoots, Plus Size Pin Up

Patriotic Pin Up Fun

This week's pic comes from a shoot I did last fall with Ivory Rose Photography for the HFCB Cookbook. Heels for Combat Boots (HFCB for short) is an organization I joined last year that does things to support combat veterans. If you would like to see my pics that made it into the Navy Cookbook,… Continue reading Patriotic Pin Up Fun

Photo Shoots, Plus Size Pin Up

Hot Day at the Car Show

I have this uncanny ability to only be able to attend car shows when it is blazing hot! This particular day, we actually had to shorten the shoot because the camera was getting too hot. However, despite the heat, we got some amazing shots that day! This is one of my favorites taken by Victor… Continue reading Hot Day at the Car Show

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A Throwback to my First Shoot

This week's pic of the week is from my very first shoot! My first shoot was with Relentless Photography, and my makeup artist was Nicole from Making Faces Professional Make Up. That day changed my life, and through meeting Nicole, I met Victor Devilbliss. I did not want to go that day and am so… Continue reading A Throwback to my First Shoot