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Comfy and a bit Sporty

While I do like to wear leggings, I don’t really wear joggers or lounge pants. However, Rue 21 had some great deals on them on their clearance pages, so I thought I would snag a few to try.
I am really glad I did! They are soooo comfy, and I used their outfit suggestions, which are available on some of their clothing options. The top is not my usual style either, but it is super comfortable. What do you think of this look? Ignore the fact that my hair is a hot mess!

Top and Lounge Pant by Rue 21 Plus

While I cannot promise this outfit is still in stock, Rue 21 currently has up to 60% off clearance!
Also, I know that you probably heard about how some of their stores are closing. I am kinda bummed, but also happy because none of the ones close to me are closing. Their website has been improving. I am really hoping that this is just a bump in the road for them because I really love their plus line. My Rue 21 has about the same amount of space dedicated to plus as to regular sizes which is a huge deal because several brands that have expanded to plus in recent years either keep their plus size tucked away like a dirty secret, or they make it so you can only get it online.
Do you shop Rue21? If so, what do you like and don’t like? Please feel free to comment below!

plus size fashion

Nothing like a Red Cardigan!

In honor of International Women’s Day, I am wearing red today to support the women’s rights movement. The color is to represent revolutionary love and sacrifice.
Today I started out with a bit of pin-up style, but instead of wearing this tee and cardigan by Lane Bryant with my favorite cigarette pant, I paired it with my red plaid leggings by Torrid. I wanted those leggings forever too. However, I did not want to pay full price as I never like to pay full price for anything. I got them for $8 on clearance. The boots are Lane Bryant as well and a pair of favorites! I purchased them four years ago. They still look great!
This outfit contains personal significance as to why I chose to wear it this day. I was planning on wearing red, but I do not as a rule wear a tee like that with leggings. However, something happened yesterday that made me think that maybe I should do this anyways.
Yesterday, I went to the post office dressed in leggings and a baggy tee. I stood in line behind a man who kept turning around to leer at me…specifically my crotch area. Then he would look up at my face to which I would give him the death stare and back down to my crotch again. I did not appreciate the staring. I did not find it flattering. I found his behavior lewd and disgusting. He made me very uncomfortable to the point that I was actually nervous leaving the building, and I cried once I got home. Women do not ask to be treated like pieces of meat by what we wear. For goodness sake, I was wearing a baggy shirt, and my leggings were not skin-tight. It did not give him the right to make me feel uncomfortable.
I wore what I did like I did if only to prove that point to myself. I love this outfit. I am not going to be shamed to not wear it. If some guy thinks it gives him the right to make me feel dirty, that guy needs to check himself.
I hate hearing how women are “asking for it” when they wear something that some guy seems as provocative. No. We are not asking for it. Our bodies are our bodies. Period.I am teaching that to my daughters. I am teaching that to my son. It makes me sad that society still downplays this to a point that men still feel it is okay to be a leering asshole. Growing up, I was always taught we had to have respect for men, if a boy hit me or treated me bad that it meant he liked me, that when a boy touched me in my private parts in gym class that he just did not know any better. He fucking knew better. They all do. I will not be teaching that crap to my kids because I do not want my son to grow up being like that man I met yesterday. I do not want my girls thinking that men can control them or that they need to act or dress a certain way because of men.
I want better for all women.
Have you ever worn something to prove a point? If so, feel free to tell me your story in the comments below.

plus size fashion

Mad for Plaid

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Plaid, plaid, plaid! It is all over the place, and I love it! Between my Du North Leggings and my Torrid leggings, I have a nice stash of fabulous plaid for my legs!
Here is one of my favorite outfits from this week, using plaid leggings and a belt from Torrid. I paired it with a skater dress and cardigan from Rue 21. To finish it, I added jewelry from Lane Bryant and boots from there as well! How do you wear plaid?

It’s a plaid, plaid world!

plus size fashion

Thrifting in Yellow!

Last week I discovered an entire consignment store geared towards women sizes 14 and up! It was such a cute little boutique, and I was so excited to find some treasures in the store!
I managed to get my tank, skirt, and scarf for under $10! I am loving the sunny feeling they give me, and I am anxious to get some more use out of this outfit before the weather starts to get cooler!
Right now, a lot of thrift stores are trying to get rid of summer clothes, so if you want to stock up for next year, now is the time to go! Happy thrifting!