Plus Size Fashion

CowCow Cupcake Dress Cuteness

CowCow can be found on Amazon, which is where I got this one. A lot of the dresses are Prime shipping. However, this one is not, but it is still free shipping and takes about two weeks to receive from the time of order. Granted, I am impatient, but it still is not that long. The quality is pretty good. A lot of my dresses are still like brand new. They are super stretchy and may be a bit short for a taller person, but they pair great with leggings!

Bold on a Tuesday

I love this outfit! I bought this graphic shift dress by Charlotte Russe a while back and love to pair it with leggings since it is still chilly here. I am pairing it today with a pair of Du North Leggings, Torrid boots I thrifted, and a faux leather jacket from Lane Bryant that I got for five bucks! How did I score that? Well, I love to work the clearance! Also, if you have their card and earn rewards. You can use their rewards checks on ANYTHING! I used mine on the jacket and ended up paying only five bucks!

A little accessorizing goes a long way!

The point of using accessories is to make your outfit stand out a little more. If you are like me and like to wear the same outfits over and over again, it also makes them look a little different each time, depending on the accessories you use!

Skater Dress Fun

Since these dresses are so simplistic, I use the dress as a base and accessorize them with my belts, jewelry, and scarves. The belt is nice since it is a free flowing dress. It defines your waist and gives you shape.

Dare to Wear

I am currently going through my closet to get rid of things I know I won’t wear. If you have things in the back of your closet, I dare you to get them out and wear them! If you cannot bring yourself to do that, consign them or donate them. They are taking up valuable closet real estate for something special!