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Why you should not be ashamed to love yourself

  When this photo showed up in my feed a few days ago, it made me smile...not because of my expression, but because of seeing how far I have come since then. I like to think of myself as a body positive activist. However, even I have times where I doubt myself and pick myself… Continue reading Why you should not be ashamed to love yourself

Photo Shoots, Plus Size Pin Up

Up Close and Undead Pin Up

One day, I approached my friend Nicole, from Making Faces Professional Makeup, about doing a Living Dead Girl shoot. I wanted the pin up look, but with an undead twist. Here is an up close of what she came up with! The talented Victor Devilbliss once again made my pictures look fantastic!

body confidence

We are all Beautiful

You may remember Pin Up of the Week Kara Kurves from a few weeks ago. She is super big on body much so that she wanted to do something to help the cause! Kara Kurves says, "I was sitting at home one night watching TV and I just kept getting bombarded by hate and anger. So… Continue reading We are all Beautiful